Monday, December 28, 2009

We're coming to America!

That's right, in the words of the great Neil Diamond (err, maybe "great" is too bold) the words of Neil Diamond, husband and I are "coming to America". We've got two trips planned in January to head down to see our patriotic neighbors to the south.  We're off to Vegas on January 7th for 4 days and then to Hawaii on the 31st for 12 days.  That's right 12 glorious, sun-filled days. Can you say Aloha?   ALOHA BITCHES!   I'm excited.

As for Las Vegas,  well it's nothing more than a self-indulgent, commercialized, hedonistic mecca for consumerism, vice and debauchery. 
And I'm Soooooo looking forward!   One word. Shopping.  
Screw the gambling, it's all about shopping. That is ALL that matters.

Now in Canada we are fortunate enough to have been invaded  graced by many of America's bountiful retail chains.
(Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, and most major clothing stores etc.) but there are some unfortunate omissions to the Canadian retail landscape.

Target- or as we always call it in Canada (Tar-jay). Don't laugh. Sure it's a discount department store...but it has soo many deals. LURVE it!

Macy's- A department store with so much MORE.

Las Vegas Premium outlets- GAHHHH. 'nough said.

Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall.   (  ~True Nirvana~)

Dillards, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Ave,  Neiman Marcus, White House/Black Market, Victoria's Secret ....the list goes on!

Honestly, I'm most excited about the large department stores. So much under one roof.  The brands we don't have in Canada at slightly lower prices. Hopefully there'll be some kick-ass post-Christmas sales.
* Question, why is there no name for the day after Christmas in the U.S.?    
It's called Boxing Day.  There, adopt that America. 
We have Boxing Day sales, in fact,  Boxing "week" sales that go on for weeks and weeks. Gotta blow out all the Christmas stock.
There must be a name to describe the incredible deals available after Christmas.  TELL me you actually have fabulous sales America!??? 

Like these girls,(on Boxing Day) cleaning up on bags!   



Kimberly said...

I love Vegas, and the shopping is great! I have never been to the discount places, but shopping is shopping. Love it!

I hope you have a great time in both destinations darling!

Blair said...

OOOh, VEGAS!!! I have never been but I am dying to go! I am sure the shopping and sales are amazing!! I hope you have a fab time!!


Kata Wagner Berg said...

Lucky girls!
I been only in Miami in the USA.

Happy New Year and a lots of great trips in 2010!

Tricia said...

I love Vegas, but rarely gamble. Its all about the shopping, the shows and the delicious food. Enjoy!


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