Thursday, December 10, 2009

If I could live on Pasta I would....

It's a perfect world I'd be feasting on pasta every damn day. But it's not a perfect world, and I've been working on "Massive Weight Loss 2009" for a year... (henceforth to be referred to as MWL 2009).    Pasta is a double edged sword....delicious yet deadly.  Ok, so deadly is dramatic but I going for heavy emphasis here. On the one hand it's glorious carby-ness could not be a more perfect food, it's versatile, satisfying and so much more than just a side-dish  (no offense potatoes), it's just so darn eff'n good!  But on the other hand at over 300 calories per 85 grams, it's out of control. Who only eats 85g of pasta? Not me.  (500 grams equals 1 pound, and yeah, I can eat a whole pound of pasta).  That's a calorie crime-scene.

It's also a trigger food....once I have a bit I can't really stop. Yes, for most people that's more of a chocolate/fries/sweddish berries sort of a problem... but for me it's pasta. (Linguine really is a little strand of heaven sent from God).

 Life's not fair.  I want pasta, now, like right now (yeah it's 1:30am, so what)?  But's that's not the sort of thing that's happened since I was pregant with kid #2. And look where that got me...fighting with a bitch called MWL 2009.  Gawd I hate her!


Anonymous said...

This is too funny, I could live on Pasta too!

AVY said...

Good food is the true meaning of life!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love this post. :) Gosh, I love pasta too, but my true weakness is cupcakes. I eat them all the time and I want to lose weight too. Sigh. You're right, it's a horrid struggle.


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